searchin' for something super fun, that's made with weird love and full of happiness, warm fuzzies, and so much sunshine?! look no further, babe: we've totally gotcha covered! originally a teeny tiny Etsy shop from Paducah, KY that started in July 2015, we're now an art and design studio based out of East Nashville, TN that has mad love for celebrating the weird and wonderful through art + design, ranging from silly stationery and cool custom design to fun fine art and fashion accessories; even large-scale mural projects and eye-catching interior design! we're always aimin' to please with our delightful designs, and pinky promise to offer eclectic mix of paper products, perfect li'l prezzies, and super fun stuff for any and every occasion. so, let's celebrate silliness, smiling, snail mail and sunshine!

Ashley, the gal behind Facing the Sunshine, is puttin' her B.A. in English and longtime love of + self-taught skills in art to good use through Facing the Sunshine! she creates every weird work, carefully crafts every piece of writing for our product descriptions, social media pages, etc.; and does so with a shit ton of love! speaking of "love", she has total heart eyes for pretty much everything: Jesus, smiling, her  husband, animals, fun colors, interior design, creepy podcasts, books and Facing the Sunshine, of course! you can usually find her snuggling her three kitties, googling what gas stations near her apartment sell Coke icees, or facing the sunshine.

 oh, hey, it's ash!

 (she's kind of a weird-o.)
 oh, hey, babe!
 nice to meet ya.